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Making friends in one night's stay

The Travelair on Nov 12, 2017 9:11:19 PM

As I find myself moving from place to place for the last 6 years, I realize how fortunate I have been to meet kind and inspiring people that enriched my life. I have made, that is, a lot of new friends. And though friendships may not be built in a day, they may introduce themselves into one's life quite unexpectently, almost like love at first sight.


During the Dublin years, I decided to take a short trip to Greece to see friends in Athens and then head north to visit family. Being limited with time, instead of staying at a friend's, I decided to book a place downtown, where we could all get together at our favorite places.

This time I was traveling solo therefore booking an entire Airbnb home for just one night's sleep felt like a hyperbole. A private room type search sounded more fitting but it also meant I would need to co-habit the space with the host. The duration of the stay guaranteed I would not have so much time to spend at home so really I had not much to be afraid of. To the contrary, I found the prospect of this experience quite exciting.Gazi-airbnb-Athens-Greece.jpg

Using my thorough search method I stumbled to a place that looked very inviting. The photos were featuring a beautifully renovated Athenian house with a private yard and the enthusiastic reviews zeroed any inhibition I might have had to book this place. Next thing I know, my host welcomed me with a warm smile and introduced me to her friends who were cheerfully gathered around a big, open plan kitchen, table. It certainly felt like a reunion with friends I'd never met before. The conversation flow was so remarkable it took an effort to gather myself and go and meet my lifelong friends.

It's been four years now and although we still live in different countries we have kept in touch. We communicate every so often checking on each other's paths and realizations. When I met Vicky she was a lawyer at a firm, today she is an independent legal consultant and has opened a new business - an amazing ceramic lab and store in Athens. The magical thing though is how one event leads to the other and beautiful connections happen as a continuum of the first one. A very dear friend of mine, Maria, was flirting with the idea of learning pottery for a while and when I saw Vicky's fall workshop announced I thought it would be the perfect gift. Today Maria has finished her first workshop and is absolutelly committed to continue learning the art of ceramics. I think I am jealous now and need to visit Vicky soon.


If you are looking for not only a beatiful place to stay but also to meet interesting people that would make you feel welcomed please get in contact with me.

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