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Doing Airbnb in Dublin changed my life literally

The Travelair on Sep 25, 2017 12:09:36 AM

When I visited Dublin, Ireland for the first time in my life it was for a Humanities Workshop in Trinity College. I had no idea that this one-week trip would change the course of my life forever to the point that I would end up leaving Greece.

Today, looking back, after 6 years it feels natural to say that every trip is an opportunity to explore the world and your possibilities in life. Every trip gets you closer to what you want to become, closer to knowing, closer to being more open to what life has to give.


This was my second trip with Airbnb and I booked an apartment in the heart of Dublin that came with amazing views of the Liffey River. It was decorated with original works of art, I later found out were my host's creations who happens to teach art and design at the National College of Art and Design!

From this home's living room I started sending emails to organizations that support entreupreunership to investigate the possibility move my spouse's company from Athens or start-up a new one in a more stable environment than that of Greece.


I think a fundamental role played the fact that I felt so at home in this listing. At the time I wasn't really thinking about moving, neither projecting myself in the future living in Ireland but the easiness and the flow of everything stirred to that direction.

Meeting my host personally played also a big part into forming a first sentiment about the country. He was a very thoughtful and witty individual that made sure we have a perfect stay and he remains till today one of my friends on the island. Everything conspired to make me believe that Dublin and its people offer one of the most hospitable environments in Europe. It didn't take long to put that to test. I lived in Ireland for four years before I moved on to my next venture. 

If you ever visit Dublin and you would like to book this home either for business or pleasure you will be lucky to find available dates. 

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