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Charming places to stay in Cuba

The Travelair on May 7, 2016 1:11:37 AM

If you haven't been to Cuba yet I think it's time to prioritize your trip sooner than later. My intuition says things are going to change fast with so much tourism expected from North America. I haven't been to Cuba yet but I have friends who did and they came back with a huge smile on their faces and a sense they would prefer to have stayed there forever.


Is it because of the feeling you get that you travel back in time where everything feels so much more natural and flowing. Is it the colonial, colorful architecture -partly vivid, partly faded away. Is it the warmth, the light and tropical humidity that makes you and everybody else look so sexy. I guess I'll know when I visit. But before I plan this trip I wanted to make sure there are some pretty amazing places to stay matching the vibe. 

Airbnb Havana Cuba Travel Accommodation 

 La Rosa de Ortega / Master Suite"Located on a small hill, overlooking Havana, surrounded by birds and vegetation offers an incredible fresh breeze and the ambience of a typical cuban neighborhood". Virtually I am already there.

This is just one of the spaces I think it reflects the spirit and cuban hospitality based on the criteria I search for. It would certainly be one of my first choices.   

Click here  for a shortlist of Cuban charms

If you have already been to Cuba and stayed in a space you really enjoyed you are welcome to share your experience here. We want to learn first hand! :)

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