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Romantic Paris from $81 USD per night

The Travelair on Jun 3, 2015 1:03:00 PM

If your dream to visit Paris is about to come true you have already started searching for the best accommodation in several websites digging your way to your ideal stay.

I know how painful this process can be especially if you want your stay to be a special one for two. There are so many listings you don't know where to start and end. 


Therefore I have handpicked for you some of the best accommodations in Paris and on pretty reasonable prices. Each accommodation presented below comes with a highlighted review to show you how guests felt during their stay. 

best Airbnb paris accommodation
best Airbnb paris accommodation

Airbnb Best Paris accommodation
Feel free to save these listings in your Wish List and I hope you get to stay in one of them! Let me know how it was! 
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