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3 Insider tips on how to find the best Airbnb accommodation

The Travelair on Mar 28, 2016 1:35:27 AM


This is the frescoed ceiling of a bedroom in an 18th century building in Florence. It was my first and unforgettable stay in Airbnb back in 2011. This is where I started loving staying in other peoples houses instead of hotels. 

Later on the life path lead to Ireland where coincidentaly Airbnb was just starting off its European base. I was indeed thrilled to join the company and had great experiences there working for two and a half years. As an Airbnb employee I had the privilege to enjoy a generous quarterly $500 USD coupon for my pure joy of traveling. And I can say I made the best out of it :)

When I plan a trip a big part of the research is dedicated to searching for the best place to stay. And it really pays off in the end.

I believe the house one chooses to stay defines the entire experience of the trip for it represents the culture of the country, of the city, of the neighborhood and of the host. In a way, it also mirrors guest’s aesthetics or cultural aspirations.


These are the main characteristics I suggest noticing when searching for an Airbnb accommodation:

  • 1. History and style

    If you want to have a unique experience select a house with character. This is difficult to define but to give you an example it might be a historical house or one with evident architectural features of a specific era. Check that the interior of the house is equally interesting and rich. It is laid out functionally and beautifully. It is decorated in a way that it shows this process was done through the years and reflects personal experiences of the host or their family. For your practical needs it also has to be equipped smartly and sufficiently. 

    2. Photos and description

    A full array of photos depicting every room with a title underneath is a presentation of the house as close to reality as can be. The photos – if taken by the owner- is a great indicator of some traits of their personality. Clear, well lit and framed photos tell that the host has carefully planned and implemented the shooting, they are obviously taking seriously their decision to share their home, they love order and are tech savvy. 

    The more detailed the description of the house and even better with its own distinctive style the more meaningful your experience is promised to be. It’s the attentiveness in whatever they do that makes these hosts special.

    3. Reviews

    The reviews of course will validate or not these first impressions and facts. Read as many reviews as you can -they give additional information and shed light into the unknown. 

    The number one rule is it has to be 5 stars all around. 

    The more enthusiastic the reviews, the better the experience. Look for expressions of great appreciation and enthusiasm. People tend to be overly polite when they write a review. Your safest bet is raving reviews and many of them. 

     I hope these tips help you find a place you'll love. Let me about know your experience Airbnb!